Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Meeting Minutes 06.23.2016


Call to Order: 1735 PST

Officers Present:

       John Wilford

       George Phillies

       David Traynor

       Stewart Flood



Discussion of Minutes from 06.09.2016

George Phillies: Motion to Approve

2nd Stuart Flood

No objections, minutes approved


Election of Secretary

Only 1 applicant per online form. David Traynor.


Question of whether others are known to be interested in position posed to floor.

None known


Chair brings to a vote:

Secretary Election

David Traynor receives 3

NOTA receives 0

David Traynor is elected Secretary


A recording will be provided to David Traynor from the Chair in order to finish minutes.


IT Reports

Question is raised whether anyone is present from one of several ongoing IT Projects in order to give a report.


Jake Porter communicated with George Phillies several days ago about “Bringing things up”.

Need to send information on Bylaws and Current officers to Jake Porter.


Modified bylaws not currently on website.


John Wilford notices an error on the officers Webpage. Semi-transparent copy of welcome page located in footer.


Webpage currently holds 2012 Bylaws.


Secretary will email updated list and bylaws to Jake Porter.


Terms and Privacy statement needs to be investigated as to whether it’s applicable.

Standard Boiler Plate. Terms to be reviewed prior to next meeting.



Banking and Finance

No treasurer present to give report.



Website Discussion

George Phillies suggested it would be good to have radio buttons for items we are doing. IT Support, Candidate Support, etc

Shall bring to Jake when contacted on other items.


Outreach for material to put on website has begun

       Brian Holtz has large archive that he is willing to let LSLA use

       Lpedia website material could be usefully moved to LSLA, and discussion will be had at next face to face LNC.

       Robert Kraus implied that we move to take lpedia over.

       Stewart will discuss with Robert



Question raised about members with proficiency in modern Wiki software.

       John Wilford has proficiency

       Where do we put lpedia site?

Can host on our own godaddy


Lpedia is currently hosted on 2nd web server of LNC

LSLA is hosted by GoDaddy

       Cheapest/current hosting package

       Physical Memory 512mb

       1 CPU core

       1024io(speed at which website can send and receive info from hard disk.)

       250000 files

       Entry Process = 100

       Level 2 costs $2 per month

       Doubles Physical Memory

       Total of 2 CPU cores

       Level 3 costs $4 per month

       Quadruples physical memory

       Doubles CPU

       Doubles IO

       150 Entry Processors


Point of clarification:

Entry processes are tied to number of people accessing page at same time.


LSLA current cost for hosting is approx $80/yr


There is a desire to move away from Go Daddy.

       John Wilford: would throw away what was paid for and move to a new host if it was personal website.

       Ask Web Committee if they want it moved?


       Stewart will communicate with the IT Committee on these matters.


Can host our mailing list elsewhere.

       Could cost $2-4/month

       Motion to approve up to $75/yr on hosting mailing list. Hyper mail site.


       No objection/Motion Passes

       Stewart is tasked with making a decision independently


Chair’s Report

Talking with treasurer about bank accounts.

       Shall be moving to different bank for convenience

       Online Bank account

       Bank of the Internet is top candidate


Need to update PayPal account

       Current name on PayPal is Amy Love from AL.

       Need to update business account but need documentation to show change of ownership

       Minutes of meeting?

       Banking documents?

       Need it connected to new bank account.

       George Phillies suggests moving money from PayPal to bank, and then open new PayPal and Bank. Create new links.

       Will forward to treasurer and IT for insight.


Aside: Looking at $6547 in total between bank account and paypal.


Chair needs access to dropbox with all files in it.

       Advise that we use a business level dropbox/storage account


We need to change passwords on PayPal and Bank Accounts

       General favor, chair will forward to treasurer.

       Passwords are updated


Ask LP National to set up old address as forwarding address??



Good of the Order


LSLA event in 2017?


George Phillies committed to an attempt to organize an LSLA event in New England



Stewart to investigate train stations


June would be ideal. Not too hot and humid. Less competition with vacations

     At front end or back end of Porcfest??

     Could we miss too many with long committment?

     Can we hold at Porcfest?

     No suitable facilities…


George Phillies will investigate Porcfest opportunities



George Phillies has been looking for archival sites to transfer over to LSLA.

Looking still to connect with Joe Dean

Our site needs allure.


Can we put Libertarian Leadership from Michael Pickens on website to draw folks looking for candidate training?

MP: in process of setting up online academy.

Online videos already up, plus live trainings. also has resources.

It is proper to point links in both directions to and from


Can we use

Will it bring more folks to our state conventions?

Contact info for John McAfee to be sent to George Phillies


We want to be a 527 organization

Can do all but explicit advocacy

Treasurer needs to file a few forms


Links to be sent to leadership group


Well Planned cadence of having meetings:


Secretary will handle agendas of coming meetings.

Submit topics to chair that will be filtered to secretary every two weeks.


Do we have a substantial donor base?

No, we need help with fundraising. Federal PAC? CMP?

Primarily training and support organiztion

Database of former members? Alumni?

No record?

Former officers? No records exist.

Motion to adjourn 1845hrs


No objection