Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order



John Wilford

Stuart Flood

David Traynor

Jake Porter

Michael Pako

George Phillies


Chair’s Notes

Current Chair projects

Getting Drop Box moved

Sent message to Jason Wiedeman on FB

Getting bank accounts moved

No movement yet

Getting Email moved

Email Convo with Amy ____ trying to get specific notes about organization status.

Treasurer’s Report

Some information provided about accessing Well’s Fargo account. Though not able to access account without username and password.


Balance as of Jun 9:

$3500(approx) in Checking

$176(approx) in Savings

$2833.61 in PayPal

In favor of moving forward with internet banking.


Only obstacle left is Authorization to transfer funds. John or Michael cannot authorize, however Lee can.


Committee Reports


IT Division

Opinion is that platform of WebHosting doesn’t matter so much as our ability to support said platform.

Small Orange is proposed platform, instead of GoDaddy.

Has handled CiviCrm in the past, as well as WordPress. Jake will check to make sure current versions are supported.


Is WordPress too limited? Joomla?

Small Orange will do both.

Can run a mailing list as well as email forwarding on Small Orange.

No extra cost. No increase in original budget.


-Motion to move all web assets to a single hosting plan on “Small Orange”


Question on Storage plans and Costing

Want medium sized plan on small orange? $10/month

Basic plan and taking our mailing list back will fit into basic plan. May need extra space for Lpedia etc.

*This will authorize $60/yr* Moving prior authorization of funds.

No objections found.

Amendment to the motion:

Authorize up to $200/year to move all online assets to “small orange” “small” hosting. Plus any extras needed.


No objections, passes


Web Pages:

Move to “Mail-Chimp”? But cannot attach pdf’s…..

PiperMail? Will not replace current service, but will be another fundraising tool.

Jake recommended moving to wordpress. Shall we stay with Joomla?

Jake has not worked with Joomla in some time. But could learn with study. Wordpress could yield website in 24-48 hrs. Joomla may take longer.

Michael Pickens volunteers help? Do they have Joomla expert?


Arrange hangout’s session once migrated to new website. So we may learn the ins and outs.

No issue with hosting.


Email List:

Decision made in prior above.


Request to LNC for Lpedia Transfer

Move to offer to LNC to take over administration of Lpedia, under caveat that if unable to do so, will return it.


No objection


Political Division:



Approved items at national convention, but current bylaws may not be correct.

Officer’s having to be current or past state chair’s seem to be missing.

Also a 35 or 45 day statement.


Once access is granted to old drop box we can look at minutes to clarify.


Associate Members?

Create draft to release to state chairs for approval?

George Phillies will present to chairs.


Activist Training:

Waiting on Website to be solved.

Can link to Libertarian Leadership’s items.


Tabled for next meeting.


Chair Starter Kits:



4 item kit. Includes

     Engraved gavel from “ The Gavel Store”. With name and state and statement about being a gift from the LSLA.

     Copy of Robert’s Rules(though not all states use Robert’s Rules)

     NC Francis and Francis

     Could use George Phillies candidate training kit.

     Welcome phone call to all incoming state chairs.

     Drafted Letter talking about the great things LSLA does for state organizations. Will be an outreach fundraising piece.

This will place tangible items in a chairs hands to keep LSLA in mind for fundraising.


Approx Cost is $140/kit.


$26.97 for Robert’s Rules.

$106.20 for Gavel


Will turnover rate of Chairs cost us too much money?

How many $25/month donors would it take to recover our cost?


Not likely to elect any new chairs in the next 6 months. We have time to mull over. Don’t need to authorize funds today.


John Wilford will do research on variety and prices of all items. Will send out list of options via email.


LNC Affiliate Support Committee


We get to make 3 appointments.

All state chairs contacted looking for volunteers, and 3 members were found.


Lee LaChine

C. Michael Pickens

George Phillies


Motion to make appointments.


No objection




We need to be ahead of future financial needs. Need to do prospecting.

Lack of current data is a hindrance.

Conflict of interest within body. How do we approach our own donors. Do we want to eat out of our own back yard.


Should we cross prospect? Cold call outside of our own state?


Need to work on messaging for fundraising.

Candidate Training should be a focus.

What we have done for the National Convention


Have list of all delegates to National Convention going back to 1998.


Acquire federal PAC? Libertarian “Get out the Vote” online advertisement?

Covered by other organizations? Would this be too much for FEC reporting?

Does this take us too far from a Leadership Support Group?

Throw out on Slack later….?


*Need to design a concise message about how we can effectively help out our affiliates.*


Can we help out by paying the way for some of our state chairs to our events?

States that have less resources? Chairs that have less resources?

Can state party donate money to send chair?

Good message. Offer funding to help train State Chair, to help State.

LSLA covers lodging and food, state covers travel?

Could give Platinum packages to those who pay complete way.

Easy to turn them into recurring donors.

Can we use money for a treasurer or activist instead of just a state chair?

We raise money, and allow state decide who to send to event?


Criteria for subsidization of attendance is problematic.

Fundraise to lower cost of event? So all can easier attend?

Better to subsidize to show results of experience, and gain more from donors.


Develop out on Slack


Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

Motion to approve


No objection


Nothing for Good of the Order


Motion to Adjourn

No Objection