Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order 1735hrs



Stewart Flood

George Phillies

Michael Pickens

David Traynor


George: Candidate Disk has been sent to all members of the LSLA. Concerns candidate training.



We must commit to a date for next summer’s convention

Recommendation is Sunday of Memorial day weekend to kick off.

$2500 per day for the venue. Food commitment is separate. $150 per attendee per day for food.

LNC pick up portion of room cost if they are holding meeting in conjunction?

Hotel next door available. Could hold LNC meeting there before or after convention?

Libertarian Leadership could do a training in conjunction with convention.


2011 convention schedule sent out for review.


What should we upcharge to recover some cost?

On food? On attendance?

Cost of food plus $10 dollars?


50 people is minimum food charge. Buffet requires minimum of 50 guests.

9% tax 20% fee


$14 dollars per head for pastries and coffee in morning. Covers 2 breaks. Mid morning and afternoon

$15 for traditional buffet


New England Buffet is $19 per head for lunch.


Approx $99 food ticket would yield “profit” of $15 per head. 100 attendees would yield us a good return. Assuming 1 day event.


Saturday night reception at nearby hotel?


Need original material. Don’t want a retread of old presentations.


Libertarian Leadership will fill one whole track. Main hall?


For dinner, main hall will need to be cleared out 1.5hrs prior to dinner. Can run events in other halls. Gap will allow for mental break.


For now, event will be scheduled for 1 day. Perhaps for 2019 we can plan for 2 days.

Should plan to do presidential election year events. Separate from national convention.

Should we plan to do LSLA conference yearly?


Date set for Memorial Day Sunday 2017

George will reach out about availability of hall. If not available, can move to weekend before Porcfest.



State Chairs are not responding? Sick of emails? Reading but not responding?

Should we print and email physical email? $25 EOM?


Who shall generate content? What kind of content should be generated? Doesn’t have to publish every month.


Minutes could be content. Event promotion. Marketing pieces.


George could have more time to generate content come October.


Send out test newsletter?

Send out digital version and print, test metrics and response? Open up to general membership? Try and target former chairs?


Set test date for distribution in the beginning of October?


Chair shall work with Jake Porter to set up mailing details.


Wiki Site:

LNC may open committee to discuss turning over to LSLA.

LpHistory, James may assist in our efforts.


Limited number of editors for Wiki Site? Too many people created issues on former version. Can limit number of editors via software.


Scrape old site, and retain records of those who have edited in the past. Then set up with limited number of users that should be able to continue.


Chair will get with James to coordinate.


Opinion on Treasurer:

Shall we offer to only candidate? Leigh Lachine.


Someone will contact Leigh Lachine to determine if he is still willing to be treasurer.

Stuart has offered to contact? Michael can contact as well.


Motion approved no objection.

Stuart will contact about potential appointment.



Can use to scrape for new contacts. Point of Information. Could use to generate list of Libertarian Contacts.

Within our mission to find new contacts for State Chairs?


Need to come up with Name for conference. Tagline for first release.


Next meeting set for September 15th 2016 2030EST.