Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to order 2052hrs

Quorum present


Minutes approved with minor corrections


Additions to Agenda:

Phillies Report

Agenda approved


Stewart achieved access to mailing list. Reasonably accurate, and copy will be distributed to board members.

George contacted state chairs on state chair list.


Many names on list are not State Chairs. Sounds as if roughly 50% were incorrect or illegitimate emails.


George will email Stuart his handwritten list, so that Stuart may make corrections to state chair’s list.

Please send to george’s gmail address til his computer is functioning again.



No response from Leigh Lachine in regards to treasurer’s position.

George or Stuart will contact once Michael provides phone number.


Stewart received bill from his provider for registering all previously discussed domain names. He will be donating the amount of the bill, $25 or $30.


Money in the amount of $1250 was sent to reserve space for LSLA convention. George Phillies will require reimbursement when we have a treasurer to cut a check.


Logo will soon be completed. Last updates sent 9.28.16


Lpedia scrape:

There is a hold up because of no access to identity of commenters. No change in some time however, so may not need that information.

We have LPhistory site.

Domains purchased, need to work out with small orange.

George will contact Jake Porter about this.



We have filled on tract of convention with Libertarian Leadership.

We are in the stage of gathering speakers and trainings for convention.


*Everyone on board is tasked with ideas for conference, panel discussions, tracts, trainings, etc?*



New Business


Should be 1 person from each affiliate on mailing list with posting privileges. At some point we can consider a “read-only” list and include vice-chairs once again.



Proposed to include on mailing list: State Chair, and one person designated by state chair.

Posting privileges to be left to state chair’s, and state chair designees.

To be in effect once LSLA takes over mailing list.


No objection, motion passes.



After LSLA gets control of mailing list, we shall create a “read-only” list, so that any Libertarians may look upon what we are up to.


Several people on National Committee staff are on mailing list.


Andy Burns, Wes Benedict, Robert Krauss, and National Chair should be on mailing list.


Add to Motion:

Also to add chair of the Affiliate Support Committee, and officers of the LSLA.



Meeting adjourned at 2136hrs til 10/13/2016