Meeting called to order 2051hrs EST


Members Present


Stewart Flood

Michael Pickens

David Traynor

George Phillies



Web Issues:


George Phillies purposed a VPS/VPN site from Bluehost

Also purchased and

They have been populated with placeholders


Jake Porter has been working on a Media/Wiki Site

As well as a wordpress site in the works for Libertarian Leaders.


George will send User ID and Password for Word Press site to David and Michael, and/or George will create new users on the settings of the Website.


George mailed all lphistory data to Jake Porter. Hope is that a site will be up in the coming next few days.


Stewart(Need to point DNS that way)


Old LSLA website has shown back up. Needs to be shut down because of old bylaws.

Can we scrape any data off while it’s up?


Stewart has GoDaddy password to access site.

Will forward to all other officers.


With FTP access we can download the whole site. (Make a backup)


Unsure of who brought back old site.


Index.htm file loaded into libertarian leaders website via George


We need to unscramble LP-History website.

Html pieces to be sent with a to do list to Michael P for processing.


Must compile all data and finish websites before anything is published.


Passwords to be sent via Slack.


Jake didn’t want to do PHP list install because of having to work with python.

Stewart will work on trying to fix this issue.


George doesn’t mind which platform is used. Whether wordpress or other Blue Host suggested builder.


Need to make sure we coordinate on work, so we don’t duplicate projects


We have root access, and should be able to build mail server on top. Stewart will spearhead that.


Wordpress and Wiki to be coordinated between David and Michael.





Georges logo to be used as placeholder, til new graphic is ready.

Michael Pickens artist almost finished with graphic.


Re-Design of previously sent logo. Yellow with torch and LSLA.




George has been contacting potentially interested folks. Lots interested in appearing electronically.

Angela Keaton,, Darryl Perry, Kristina Tobin, Rachael Mills, Andy Burns, all have been contacted about appearing on stage.


Must look into Bandwidth at Convention site.


Should avoid video conference of speakers at all costs.


Should have speakers that represent the future of the Libertarian Movement.


Must look deeper into a proper “Ballot Access” Speaker.


Are 3 speaker tracks too much?
100 people showed for last conference in 2007 or 11, in nearly the same place.

1 track for political organization, 1 for Libertarian Issues, 1 for campaigns(Michaels Track ½ candidate training, ½ leadership training)


Memorial Day weekend is not a big tourist season for the hotels around the convention site.


Once logo is complete, we can begin creating marketing pieces for the convention.


Then build tracts, depending on who we can get in.


Larry Sharpe, lunch or dinner keynote? Michael will approach about being dinner speaker.

Max Abrahamson got 4% of NH state vote and locked down Major Party Status.


Shall we call meeting for 1900hrs next Thursday to catch up?





Lee would be willing to work as treasurer, but didn’t want to be on a committee where no one was doing anything.


Joshua Wilcoxson is willing to serve as Treasurer for the LSLA

Is current Treasurer for the State of Virginia. Has not been a state chair.

Would have to amend bylaws at next convention.

If no state chair’s want to be involved, what’s the harm in allowing a former Treasurer.

Can we change one word, from State Chair’s to State Officers, than all will be allowed?


Article 5b Last sentence.

Motion to amend Bylaw Language.


Old Language: To be elected to the executive committee person must be a current or former voting member.


New Language: To be elected to the executive committee person must be a current or former affiliate state officer.



“If our goal is to be the leadership alliance, then all officers should be invited.”


No objections. Will be sent out via email to all state chairs.




Can George call and remind Stewart while he’s on ship?

Tirelessly bug the shit out of Stewart over the coming weeks to complete his tasks.

Act like a customer:)




Money in budget was allocated to repay cost of web materials for George.

We must figure out how to release funds.



Meeting adjourned 2145hrs EST


Will reconvene @ 1900hrs Thursday December 15th.




Libertarian State Leadership Alliance