Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Meeting Called to Order: 1603hrs PST


Members Present

Chair Stewart Flood

Political Director George Phillies

Secretary David Traynor


Vice Chair Michael Pickens Absent


Approval of Minutes:


Secretary’s spellchecker has an issue with apostrophes……


12.8.16 Minutes

Bottom Page 1

Correct to:

“Must have first pages finished, then can be published.”


Bottom of page 2 needs apostrophe on Michael.


*Add Hyphen to LP-History*


Remove “state” in correct motion language.

Affiliate Officer, not Affiliate State Officer

*Insert the word ‘A’ in both lines


Pending Corrections, Motion to approve minutes


Motion Passes


Minutes for 11.10.2016


Motion to approve minutes as amended




9.29.16 Minutes


Stewart needs a “T” in his name…..also stop using the Scottish spelling of the name.

Also Stuarts will be amended to Stewarts as needed.


Under Convention, first line:

Correct to “We have a signed contract for


Correct under New Business:

“Should be 1 person from each affiliate on mailing list…..”


Motion to approve as amended






Discussion of Status’

No Objections



Getting pipermail in and getting configured

Adding other url’s in and testing

Will be done in 24-36 hrs

George has been great about bugging Stewart

Sent Stewart Mail

Amended and will be sent within 24hrs.


Unsure on whether or not Michael P has pushed and moved website at all


No work can be done until Wordpress or the like can be set up and running.

Stewart will coordinate with Michael.


PHP for newsletter is also on priority list, but much lower on the list.


Has been learning C Panel, and it’s a good system.


Stewart in quiet period, so can move forward on a few of these new projects.


Proposed minutes to be sent out tonight, 12.15.16.

Head start on next meeting.


George is currently awaiting things to happen.


Motion to adjourn at 1648 til 2030hrs 12/22/2016



Merry Christmas!