Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order 1735hrs PST


ExCom Present:

David Traynor

Michael Pickens

George Phillies


Other Attendees include:

Jonathon Parker

3 others not identified


Motion to approve minutes from 12.15.2016


None in opposition


Minutes Approved without Objection


Web Pages:


Stewart has root access to server, but has since dropped out of contact.


George will have time to work on website this weekend, but will be a learning scenario, as am not familiar.


Wordpress site is present, but not responsive, and not working.


Libertarian Leaders has placeholder.


LPHistory had an issue with the Media Wiki installing on top, instead of underneath, and is causing issues. Need to take down media wiki, and create sub directory for media wiki to be reinstalled in. Jake Porter made the initial install.

Michael has attempted to log into WordPress but was unsuccessful.

Perhaps try and login to Blue Host? C Panel?


Consensus is that we must contact Jake Porter to troubleshoot.




Contacted New Hampshire Chair and Vice Chair. Would be interested in attending and sitting on a panel about reviving a dead affiliate.


Most people are most interested in video conferencing in.

Travel money could be offered to incentivize. Though could get costly.


Major focus is getting tracks filled.


Perhaps a 1hr session with everyone together to evaluate the 2016 campaign. Could evaluate across the board.


1 track for candidates/1 track for party leadership. Could combine because of overlap.

1 track for Libertarian Strategy? 1 for Libertarian Ideas?


We could run a facebook ad to see if we can generate speaker applications.


Once Christmas season is over, we can refocus efforts on conference.



Graphics guy not available currently. But will be available shortly. Will be ready to work on logo as well as marketing pieces for the event.

One month is assumed before results begin to flow in.


A new coat of paint should provide us with some legitimacy.



A motion to thank Michael Pako for his service as LSLA Treasurer.

No objections.

Motion passes without objection.


Opening the floor to the body:

Nothing to add


Motion to adjourn til 1/5/2017 at 1730hrs PST.

Adjourned 1807hrs PST