Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order 2030 hrs EST


Michael Pickens

George Phillies

David Traynor


Minutes require update on adjourn to date, as well as a


Motion to approve


None in opposition, approved


Website Updates:

George contacted Brian Folis, website generation professional, to generate website. George will foot the bill for the creation, and will have a completed site within a month.


Brian said Wordpress can be annoying if you want to think out of the box.

Recommended using a builder named “Concrete 5”.

0-100, wordpress is a 20 on flexibility, and Concrete 5 is about a 50.


George requested to get a functional site up in a shorter timeline, then work on improvements from there.


The Media Wiki is the greatest concern, as LNC is speaking of forward progress and reviving LPedia. Ken Molmon is backing it, with help from Caryn Ann Harlos.

LNC is having issues with losing portions of their web page.


All agree to proceed til it blows up in our face.



LSLA logo has been circulated.


Perhaps we should update font?


Proposed to go forward with logo, and add in Sans Serif above, as banner, “Libertarian State Leadership Alliance”. Something pretty in the background is required.

Sky, Clouds, Eagle……


We do need dimensions of banner space on webpage.


Square logo should stay the same.


Proposed Bylaws:

State Chairs must approve bylaws and changes.


Need to send notice to all State Chairs to inquire if there are any objections to what has been drafted.


Must also send out notice of proposed language changes.


Secretary must mail to State Chair’s list. With language of “this is a motion to the State Chairs.”


Must complete by end of 1/6/2017




Logo, Marketing, Event page are action items.

These are in Michael Pickens court.


George Phillies will create a draft agenda.


Larry Sharpe is agreeable to attend and speak.


Q: Do we want to attempt to schedule a Chair, or Presidential pre-debate?

May complicate things for some candidates…..


Kokesh, Perry, Peterson, Sharpe, ?


Bank Account:


Stewart and Leigh Lachine have direct access(passwords). Perhaps Michael Pako. No one currently on call has passwords.


Michael Pickens will reach out to all.


Leigh Lachine has been reached about a potential treasurer position.


The Committee discussed Libertarian Strategy


Program launched in order to build up local parties. We will be running a test in Bellingham, Wa. All processes will be recorded on video, and will be able to be distributed.


Motion to adjourn 1808hrs til 1/19/2017 at 2030hrs EST