Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order 1700hrs EST


ExComm Members Present:


Stewart Flood

Michael Pickens

George Phillies

David Traynor


Approval of Minutes:


Slight correction to minutes and additions added by George Phillies.


Motion to approve with corrections


No objections

Minutes approved for distribution





Letter from Brian Follas has been reviewed and direction approved by body. Including items discussed in 1.5.17 meeting. Using Concrete 5, and a re do of media wiki.


Need graphics and banner. Graphics and site to match colors present in logo.


We need a full CMS on website to protect the sanity of those using it.

Need separate installs for LSLA and LP HIstory page. Separate virtual hosts.

Will be easier to manage down the road as both have completely different purposes.


Media Wiki will be first to complete in response to pressure from the LNC. Even if we have 2 bases on the moon, ours will be better;)


LSLA officers will be entered as the authorized users of the wiki.


The font on logo will be changed.

Otherwise the logo is beautiful.

Once logo is completed, Nick Serianni will modify to fit all formats(fb, banner, web size, etc)

Will wait til finalized to take vote to adopt.


Email with dimensions has been passed along.




Logo, marketing, and event page

Will speak with Nick Serianni to finish logo, and marketing can be cut in to that time.

Can we offer token payment to Nick Serianni?


Motion to pay $100 to Nick Serianni for graphics and marketing work.


Approved pending access to treasury


We have 1 complete track to be given by Michael Pickens.

Larry Sharpe will be speaking.


We need to line up more speakers.


Could we line up a non-presidential debate? To go over issues that came up during convention.


Can we have a section to feature Gubernatorial candidates?

Jake Porter, Chris Rockhold, etc….

Fantastic!! Line em up, and give them the stage.

The Governors Forum”


Should we get a video record of everything?

We have all cameras, and a crane to cover Governor’s Forum. This will be used for Live Broadcast on Facebook.

George Phillies has offered to do video processing on all videos.

We should only live Broadcast Governors forum and featured speakers.


Too early for a Chair’s debate?

Keep our ear to the ground and evaluate closer to the date.


Bank Account:

No current member of ExComm has access.

Will reach out to Michael Pako to achieve access.



Since we all can stream, we can offer services to coach new local parties.


We have a video feed on our FB page about how to start a local party.



Bo Brown, State Chair of Virginia is open to doing treasury work as long as it does not become too demanding.

He shall be brought onto the next call. Bo was busy this time, but with appropriate notice shall be available.


We should make sure to start inviting State Chairs to the meetings more regularly, once processes begin moving along.


Time and Location of Meetings


Motion to move all further meetings to Every Other Thursday at 1900hrs EST.


No objections


Motion to adjourn at 1739hrs EST




Meeting adjourned until February 2nd, 2017 at 1700hrs.