Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to order 1900hrs EST


Members present:

Stewart Flood

Michael Pickens

David Traynor

George Phillies


Approval of Draft Minutes:

Motion to approve with minor corrections.


Minutes are approved


Approval of Agenda


Treasurer Election:

Bo Brown was not contacted to be on the call per inter ExComm Meeting.

He is agreeable to serving as our treasurer.


Motion to approve Bo Brown


No Objections, No other candidates.


Bo Brown is the new treasurer for the LSLA.

MP will be reaching out to determine if he is available for the rest of the call.


Invitation to slack will be sent by Stewart Flood. So that way we can get Bo up and running right away.


Affiliate Support Committee:


National would like to extend Razor’s Edge NXT to affiliate state parties.

This would allow for some degree of automation with memberships.


There is some question about whether or not it will be effective for the LNC.


Potentiality of the system is discussed.


Old Business:


We are in 2nd week of the bylaw voting. By next meeting, the 30th day, we may make a call on them.


Stewart Flood casts his Yes vote for the bylaws during the meeting.




:Email and email list


Wiki is set up

Concrete 5 is there, but without themes


We are seeing some security issues that are being straightened up tonight.


Email list will be last to do.


PHP list will be done soon. Piper mail? Or alternative?

Pipermail may not install properly on their server configuration.


SF: Can we send the IT committee worker an invitation to slack? That way we shall not need intermediarys.


The website should be completed by this weekend.


Media wiki has been distributed, which should allow us into the concrete 5 pages as well.




We have a final logo.


We need a separate banner for LP History.

Also separate logo with lp-history at the top.







Facebook event page should be set up soon. Will be able to begin advertising by this weekend.


We must continue to round up speakers.

Perhaps we could discount the $99 charge.


Gubernatorial candidates are concerned about cost of flight, but are very interested in speaking at the event.


Motion to cover speaker’s $99 fee from the LSLA treasury.




Funding sources to help cover speakers costs was discussed. Catch22.

Candidates from New England/New York/New Jersey likely to show up.


Call the question

So moved

No Objection



Radical Caucus and Youth Caucus both likely to attend and put together some time.


Marketing group would like an hour to present draft recommendations.


Likely to begin advertising for event this weekend.


There are some attendance concerns….

Will likely be heavily targeted to the New England Region.


Who are other big speakers that we can bring in? Useful?

Presentation from National on the CPD Lawsuits?



We shall all work on finding panels and panelists.

Caryn Ann Harlos LP History Project:


Historic information of the Libertarian Party on the web. Project began in May of last year.

This would have drawn from several different websites including LPedia.


Caryn is launching her own history project as a part of the IT committee.

IT committee is not completely populated.


Original Lpedia had a large volume of pictures.


Q: Will we have 2 competing history sites?



LPHisotry site is up with 900-1000 pages. Hand uploaded and downloaded.


LNC seems to be shooting for something with a very large number of pics and videos.


Must find all minutes and format for uploading.


We should send them an invitation to speak on the LPHistory project at the LSLA Conference.


We do need one more trusted wiki editor.


Request for radio and drop down button suggestions.

Once theme issue is fixed, we should make suggestions via our Slack Line.

Page should be up in 1 or 2 days.

SF and GP will work together on the site setup.


Secretary will have a backup conference line ready to go in case the bad hum is still present.


Motion to adjourn


None opposed.


Meeting adjourned at 2000hrs EST until 2/16/2017 at 1900hrs EST