Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Call to Order 1702hrs EST





Approval of Draft minutes from 2.2.17


Motion to accept minutes as drafted



Minutes approved



Approval of Agenda

No changes to draft agenda


Affiliate support committee raising money for advertising each state with concrete convention. \\



Old Business:


Bylaw voting period ended 3 days prior to today. No objections from body on bylaws as drafted.


Bylaws amendment has been accepted without objection. One yes vote cast.


To be posted to website when ready.


Stewart will contact Robert Kraus on what the status is of US Territory affiliates. They are now available to be voting members.


Stewart will move DNS from old website to new website. Go Daddy is having a difficulty with transferring the DNS. We are using Go Daddy’s main servers, but are hosting email through google?


C-Panel will be able to host mail forwarders. But also can handle email addresses in addition. Working to set up Piper Mail. Process has been dragging, but should be resolved shortly.


Stewart wants to set up something in Cpanel so it will accept

Will move to something real, and point to our main server.

Must remove them from non functional GO Daddy.

No objections.


George and Stewart will test between each other.


We need something to accept money. PayPal etc…

Need passwords for PayPal.

Bo and Lee have not been able to connect on their schedules in order to facilitate transfer of banking information and passwords.


There is some discussion about potential new bank account to accept donations from convention. New PayPal to new account.


Bo spoke with Lee and has passwords to Wells Fargo account. But cannot have access til Bo and Lee arrive at different Wells Fargo branches for transfer of account. New Card will be issued at that time, as well as counter checks.


Lee never transfered bank account over to Michael Pako.


Should we open up new account?

Is it necessary to protect continuity?

No activity for 9 months on our bank account.


All info shall be forwarded through Slack once again, in case Stewart gets hit by a bus.


Will need to track down PayPal info.

Bo will reach out on that activity as well. goes to new website, but with “private” message until we open it up.



Must have a way to receive and pay money.



Treasurer is advised and requested to open new bank account and PayPal. Once we gain access to old accounts, balances to be transferred to new account.



Will that require more time than gaining access to old?

Bo can open new account, Leigh may issue a check to clear old accounts.


No further question.


Motion passes


Bo has been issued,

The forward is functional, and can be used to set up accounts.

Should be able to set up new PayPal with same address.


Should have a second name on account. Secretary should be on account in case Treasurer is hit by a bus.



Move to make Bank Account and PayPal accessible by both Secretary and Treasurer


No discussion or objection

Motion passes



We are approaching filling all time-slots.


After dinner keynote is still empty.

Panel on alt-right and other threats to Libertarians?

Outright Libertarians have made a proposal.

Panel on winning and governing.

Need more winners.

Panel on moving State Parties to the next level.

Jake Porter? David Traynor?

Trends in Libertarian thinking?


Must work to represent full spectrum of Libertarian Ideals. All corners of the party into the fold.


End the Surveillance State Panel?

End the Warfare State Panel?


Libertarian Leadership will be offering an all day training track as well.


Next order of business is to reach out and sign people up for the convention.


Bo: Does not have PayPal information. Does have password for Wells Fargo. Will set up PayPal as soon as we hear back from Leigh Lachine. Can be attached to new bank account by morning.


John Wilford received information in June of 2016 per email from Stewart.


Michael Pickens will text Bo with John Wilford’s contact info.

2nd path into information.


*Stewart Coughing*(Potential Bong Rip…)

He has never inhaled……


WebPage Content


Request for approved minutes to go up to Website.

Secretary will forward at first opportunity.


Next Meeting?


Next meeting to be held at originally scheduled time next week, 3.2.17.


New Business:



As soon as we can receive and pay out money, when website is operational and treasurer has control of accounts. We need to run facebook targeted advertisements in NH and surrounding states for the convention. $50 budget to start, over three days, and gauge reaction.



No Objection or discussion

Motion approved


At previous meeting it was agreed that we would pay $100 for the 2 new Logos. George has paid the money for invoiced amount. George is also owed for several other items.

Will provide Bo with an itemized list of amounts owed.



Meeting adjourned until March 2nd, 2017 at 1900hrs EST.