Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Meeting called to order 1715hrs EST





Michael Pickens

David Traynor

George Phillies

Bo Brown



Treasurer’s Report;


Do we have LSLA founding documents?

There is an Angie still attached to many


The Board discussed foundation documents as they relate to banking.


There should be an effort to look up our EIN.

Treasurer shall handle that search.


Affiliate Support Committee:

No announcement of coming meetings. No report to be made.




GF set up message announcing the convention details and how to pay for tickets. There seem to be people interested in attending.


We have not yet received any other payments on the PayPal page.


There has been an inquiry from a tv station from portsmouth hoping to cover the event.


Freetalk live has been contacted to see if they would like to cover as well.


Speaker list has not advanced since previous meeting.


Laura Ebke from Nebraska could be a possible speaker.


We need one more keynote speaker, and the sooner the better.


Angela Keaton? Hasn’t been to an LP event in awhile….someone should call her.


The committee discussed the potential for a known big name potentially showing up per invite.

Will be easy to point him to the bar across the street.


Where are we suggesting people to stay.

Best Western 30 feet from the Convention Building.

George will take over the search for suggested lodging, etc


George will contact Angela Keaton.

No one has contacted Aaron Starr. George will move forward to contact him as well.


We need to procure a list of 2016 Delegates to the National Convention.

Good list to send invites to.




There is a convention webpage up and working.

PayPal not working correctly with certain browsers. Web Team is waiting to act, due to family emergency.


List at LIbertarian is up. Newsletter is up.


Technical words are spoken.


We appreciate Bo.


Adjourned until 1900hrs EST March 16th 2017