Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

Bill of Rights Day

December 15 -- Bill of Rights Day

America's Founders fought a revolution to throw off tyranny. After the war, 13 states adopted the Constitution. Before ratification, the people demanded a Bill of Rights to prevent the new government from depriving them of their hard won rights. The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, was ratified on Dec. 15, 1791.

Publicizing this anniversary is excellent public relations for freedom lovers who belong to any organization which upholds the Bill of Rights without compromise, such as the Libertarian Party. For December, the Liberty Activists invite all freedom loving Americans to join us in celebrating liberty Dec. 15, to take a few moments on Dec. 15 to re- read the Bill of Rights, remember the sacrifices our forefathers made for those precious liberties, and reaffirm your own dedication to the defense and preservation of these freedoms. Sadly, government now has strayed very far from the original vision of limited powers. Today there is no aspect of our lives -- public or private -- that government regards as exempt from its jurisdiction and control.

To involve others in the celebration, the Liberty Activists suggest that freedom lovers concentrate PR efforts on showing how important our founders thought the BOR was for a free society, how the BOR is under attack today.


  1. Press release/press conference. Sample press release
  2. Hand out flyers (Christmas parades are a prime leafleting target, because watchers line the streets for a half hour or more prior to the parade, making leafleting easy. Parade goers are in a good mood and welcome something to read while they wait for the parade to start. It's best to pick parades in the daytime, and smaller parades in smaller communities are generally best, depending on how many leafletters you have)
  3. Letters to Editor
  4. Schools (although its hard to get schools to promote anything except Santa around Christmas time, you can offer a presentation on the history of the BOR...follow this by a discussion of how it is under attack can also give a "quiz" on the BOR, see who in the class can name the amendments & rights ...given the current state of public education, this can be very depressing, however)
  5. Hold a BOR Celebration!