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Strategic Objectives for All Party Groups

Above All, Remember

The Objective of a Political Party is To Elect Its Candidates to Political Office and thereby put its agenda into effect.

To attain this objective, we need to

Building a strong party is based on core activities such as Outreach, Incitement, Local Activism, and creation of a strong Voter Base.

Housekeeping tasks are activities that don't actually elect anyone to office, but that must be done in order to have successful election campaigns: Keeping Promises, Information Management, and Fund-Raising.

Pre-conditions for victory are the groups and operations that will get us Money (PACs and friendly fundraising supports), Ideas and Friends (Think Tanks and Special Interest Groups), Press (Libertarian-Friendly Media), People (Candidates and Incumbents), and Patronage (Using Resources to Help Our Friends).

How do we build a strong party?

What is housekeeping?:

What are pre-conditions?

We cannot see the exact path that will give us a Libertarian victory in our lifetimes. We can, however, identify circumstances that would exist as part of a victorious Libertarian Party machine. We can work to attain those circumstances, as discussed in previous letters.

How do we get from here to there?

The final objective is electing a Libertarian Majority. It remains worthwhile to emphasize that election campaigns are an effective way to build a stronger party, encourage Libertarians to support housekeeping tasks, and create the pre-conditions needed for a Libertarian future. Many people are not interested in donating an evening a month to a talking shop. The same people will donate much more than an evening a month, if they see that their time is being spent in a constructive and effective manner.

George Phillies

The Clean Slate Action Program Committee
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