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Letters on Libertarian Strategy

Tasks for Local Groups

In previous letters, I discussed activities particularly appropriate for performance by national and state groups. I have also discussed activities that every Libertarian group should perform, most notably incitement of members to become activists and candidates.

In this letter, I consider activities most appropriate for local Libertarian groups. These are the activities that you and your Libertarian neighbors have to do for yourselves, because a distant committee in Washington cannot fo them for you.

Above all, the foundation of Libertarian victory is Local Organization. Local Organization gives us the local politicians who later rise to state and Federal office. Local Organization gives us Libertarian activists in every ward and precinct, in every city and town, who will put up lawn signs, distribute push cards, man phone banks, and get out the Libertarian vote on election day. Remember:

Local Organization is the path to a Libertarian future.

George Phillies

The Clean Slate Action Program Committee
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